Every couple dreams of having that perfect wedding, and every detail matters.

Whether it’s having the most beautiful gown that money can buy, to hosting it at the most romantic venue available. Having the right selection of alcoholic beverages at wedding receptions and banquets is absolutely critical in ensuring perfection on your big day.

So let us help send your guests home happy and make your wedding a memorable one with our wide range of products. After all, no good story ever started with a salad.


#1 Know the serving size of each drink

A bottle of wine (750ml) can serve approximately 5-6 glasses. 
A bottle of hard liquor (700ml) can serve approximately 18-20 glasses. 
A 30-litre barrel of beer can serve approximately 90 glasses.

#2 Determine the number of guests attending

At a wedding you can assume that on average, each guest will drink approximately 2 glasses an hour. Therefore if you have 150 guests celebrating with you over the period of 4 hours – You need to have 150 x 2 x 4 = 1,200 servings available.

#3 Identify the ideal ratio of alcohol, wine, beer and soft drinks

A good ratio is 50% wine, 20% hard liquor and 30% beer.

This is purely a guideline, but it always helps to know what kind of drinkers your guests are and you can tweak it from there.

It also matters what day the wedding celebration is being held on, as you would want to order more if it’s a Friday or Saturday night.



We understand how important it is to know what you are serving your guests, so contact us to arrange a tasting session for your wedding wines at your convenience. If you have a specific brand in mind that we aren’t currently carrying in our store, do let us know and we can source it for you!

For more information please contact us at jeremiah.lam@noxturnal.co