December 13, 2016
The NOX Guide: Sauvignon Blanc

Wind back the vino clock fifteen years, and Australians were obsessed with Chardonnay. Bottle shops and wine lists were heaving with gutsy, oaky and buttery wines with loads of fruit and attitude.

But then we changed. We adjusted the way we eat and, as a result, the way we drink, because all wine lovers know that it’s important to get the food match right – right? Suddenly huge plates of rich food were out and smaller share plates were in.

Dishes like thinly sliced kingfish carpaccio and salt and pepper squid demand a wine that is light, bright, dry and delicious. And people, that’s where Sauvignon Blanc comes in.


Sauvignon Blanc is consumed while young, when the acid is still high and you can almost taste the skins and the stalks of the grapes. It’s a perfect summertime wine, because unlike Riesling and Chardonnay, it can take a really good chilling without killing off the flavors. These are usually a combo of fruit and herbs and will vary according to which region your Sav Blanc comes from.

Food Match

The last piece of the puzzle is the fare your host has dished up to go with your generous offering. Seafood of any description is ideal. Sav Blanc is light, fresh, with zingy citrus flavors and crisp dryness, making it the perfect accompaniment to fish, prawns, squid, lobster, oysters and crab.

Alternatively, it pairs perfectly with a spiced-up Thai green chicken curry and the high acidity is also excellent for cutting through the fats in fried food like salt and pepper squid or tempura.

For a refreshing drop, Sauvignon Blanc is definitely one to add to your wine repertoire.


Jeremiah Lam

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