April 13, 2017
Kimerud Gin - Paying Tribute To The Vikings

Gin is one of the easier spirits to distil, which is why there’s been an immense number of new gins that’s been hitting the market in recent years. You simply distil a neutral spirit from any agricultural product – wheat and potatoes are among the most common – and then compound it with different flavors from botanical agents of which juniper berry must be predominant. This technically means that gin maker can use as many botanicals as they like, as long as juniper berry is one of them.

And where the more commercial Hendrick’s Gin leverages on Bulgarian rose and cucumber, and the more local Paper Lantern Sichuan Pepper Gin uses spicy peppercorns, Kimerud gin opted to use rhodiola rosea, also known as golden root is rare to the fine gins of the world.

Kimerud gin depend a lot on the Norwegian geography, temperature, and heritage. The cold climate in Norway adds to the quality of Kimerud gin as it delays the growth of the herbs bringing a richness that contributes greatly to the final taste.

They also use botanicals that were popular during the Viking era as a food and medicinal source. Learning from their teachings, they produced a balanced yet powerful gin which pays tribute to the strength of the Vikings needed for their naval voyages.

One of the finest small batch gins from Norway and winner of the superior taste award from the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels.

Set in the Norwegian mountains, this family owned distillery on Kimerud farm dates back to 1785.


Most of the botanicals that make up Kimerud gin are grown on the farm in order to control the raw material from seed to finished gin. Each botanical is then stored in separate glasses, thereby bringing out the best of the assortment.

It uses 22 botanicals, which include: juniper, lemon peel, ginger root, coriander, archangelica, walnut, mint, orange peel and rhodiola rosea. This final ingredient – rhodiola rosea, also known as golden root is rare to the fine gins of the world.

The spirit is distilled 5 times, using the new still sourced from world renowned family company of Germany.

They have dedicated many years of testing to find the right balance of all 22 botanicals so that the only ingredient added post-distillation is pure Norwegian mountain water.


Jeremiah Lam

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