February 02, 2017
Nuckin' Futs



The Big House DJ Agency


Nuckin' Futs transcends into sets where he pics apart and pieces together all the components and elements of what he loves - music.

Being no stranger to the ups-and-downs of the music Scene, Nuckin' Futs loves playing in entertainment establishments and special events. His love for music goes beyond the spectrum of just mixing tunes.

He has found plenty of ways to express himself musically and believes that it's all about the mood and a sweet hypnotic groove. The tracks that Nuckin' Futs dishes out gets party goes tappin their feet and nodding their heads without anyone realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date, that invokes their party animals from within.

If you know Nuckin' Futs personally, you would know that he strongly believes in his innate ability to excite and entice with his track selections - hence is versatility. From hip-hop to house, r&b to electronic pop and trap to dubstep, the latest club bangers and even drum & bass seems to always fit seamlessly in his set.

We love the scene. We love the Music. We love staying up late. We love Nuckin' Futs.


Jeremiah Lam