February 01, 2017
Luq Here


Hip Hop  |  R&B  |  Commercial


Luq Here is an aspiring turntablist and a member of Rocking Good Records (RGR). His out-of-the-ordinary style of mixing stems from his love of blending turntablism and traditional mixing, proving that creativity as a DJ is as essential as his knowledge of tracks.
This ardent hip-hop fan brings the old school back through his mixes and his showcases. As the first runner-up for the Pioneer Controller Battle 2014, appearing at upcoming events is a norm for him, performing alongside Whereverst (consisting of Charles Enero, Requiem and Sheeq Luna) at Grizzle Grind Crew’s 1st Anniversary Concert, as well as Singapore Polytechnic’s Escapade 2013.
Luq Here is a DJ that believes that pleasing the crowd isn’t limited to playing their favourites. He believes that skill and passion will make the crowd, well, look here.
Jeremiah Lam