February 02, 2017


Hip Hop |  EDM  |  Deep House | Trance 

The Big House DJ Agency


You think you may know a lot about yourself, but Frey knows you better.

He reaches out to people of our time, the millennial. Frey has entertained and performed for people form his various school events and also performed in a few known clubs like Azzura Beach Club, ChineOne and Bar22.

Being the first choiceDJ in his school, he has played to thousands of freshmen and is an asset to their orientation programmes. His energy levels and professional approach coupled with his choice of songs will definitely make any party a success.

 FREY plays different genres suited to meet the criteria of the crowd's demographics. He frequently alters his songs choices from Commercial Top 40s, Hip Hop, EDM, Deep House, Hard-Style, Trap, Trance and Progressive House. Above all, FREY is known to keep people on the dance floor. His aspirations and drive is unmatched.


Jeremiah Lam